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Looking for quality parrot cages or bird cages
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Our extensive range of parrot cages and bird cages is designed to meet the needs of all bird lovers, novice or expert, and provide the ideal environment for your bird.

Browse our premier class collection of parrot cages for sale to find the perfect home to keep your companion birds happy and healthy.

Rainforest Parrot Cages

Rainforest Parrot Cages

What makes the perfect new home for your feathered friend?

Rainforest cages have rapidly become a premier brand in the UK with their extensive range of quality parrot cages and bird cages in classic designs.

The combination of excellent design features and quality manufacturing standards has made them extremely popular with many bird enthusiasts.

For the comfort and safety of your pets and optimium quality at affordable prices, you can do no better than choose a Rainforest bird cage for your companion birds. See Rainforest Parrot Cages and Bird Cages

Designer Parrot Cages by Montana

Designer Parrot Cages by Montana

Looking for a premium cage for your exotic birds?

See Designer Parrot Cages

These are genuine Montana parrot cages.

These magnificent cages have an enviable reputation and are very long lasting.

Prima Parrot Cages - Super Value

Prima Parrot Cages - Super Value

See our Prima Parrot Cage Range

Parrot Cages in a variety of designs and sizes @ great prices!

These quality cages are exceptional value and are made from finest materials.

Looking for quality at truly exceptional prices?

Parrot Cage Specialists - Best Value in UK

Parrot cages to suit all types of parrots and exotic birds are our speciality. We have a large choice of parrot cages and bird cages and offer our customers high quality at unbeatable value.

All our products are selected to improve the quality of life for your parrots and other exotic birds. Quality build standards to high specifications, together with durable, non-toxic finishes, ensure our bird cages are a safe and long lasting environment in which to house your birds. The cages also include specific design features, such as bird proof locks, easy access and stainless feeders, removable grids and skirts and large access doors, to make it easier to care of your birds.

We also supply a selection of java trees, parrot stands and perches to provide an interesting environment of your companion birds.

Choosing parrot cages requires careful consideration to ensure you can provide the optimum accommodation for your birds. We offer customers advice on selecting the right cage for their individual situation. If you have any question regarding our cages or other products, you can contact us by email or by phone. We aim to answer all enquiries as quickly as possible.

At Parrotize UK we simply aim to provide the best value available in the UK, together with "good old-fashioned" customer service.

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parrot cages & bird cages of distinction

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Outstanding Parrot Cages & Bird Cages

We believe that quality makes a big difference to both your birds well-being and value for your money. That is why we recommend leading brands such as Rainforest Cages and Montana Cages. We have a wide selection of parrot and bird cages to meet your particular requirements, with new designs being added all the time. These parrot cages are built to the highest quality specifications and provide a 100% safe and secure environment for your bird. Please beware of other retailers selling cages that are inferior in quality and could be potentially dangerous.

Every parrot cage in these ranges has large doors to ensure easy access for your bird and comes with stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning. The finish on these parrot and bird cages is a powder coated, lead and zinc free formula for long lasting protection to keep your bird safe. These beautiful cages all have horizontal and vertical bars to facilitate climbing, swing out feeders (accessible from outside of cage), perches, castors, removable grill, trays and skirt for easy cleaning.

Parrot cages to suit all types of parrots and exotic birds

Parrot Cages


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Ecuador Parrot Cage

229.00 169.00
Save: 60.00 (26%)

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Castello Parrot Cage

661.00 519.00
Save: 142.00 (21%)

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Angel Parrot Cage

269.00 189.00
Save: 80.00 (30%)

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Niagra Play Top Parrot Cage

310.00 219.00
Save: 91.00 (29%)

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